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Code of Conduct for Coaches

The primary goal of coaches should be the development of boys and girls to be better citizens. The participants must be taught sportsmanship and fair play, and these teachings should always govern their behavior while at practice and at games. Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of all participants, members of the coaching staff and spectators. This includes the time periods before, during, and after league games and other events. Improper conduct or violation of the Mission, Philosophy or Coaching Ethics and Conduct of Ridge Youth Sports may result in penalties, expulsion, or suspension from the program as described below. All compliance infractions will be reviewed by the Executive Board for appropriate actions.

  • The coach is responsible to teach participants the importance of developing a competitive spirit and an understanding of sportsmanship.
  • The coach will strive to make every program activity serve as a training ground for life, and as a basis for good mental and physical health.
  • The coach will be responsible for building the confidence of the participants and teach the fundamentals of the sport they are coaching.
  • The coach will emphasize that good athletes are good students, and both are physically and mentally alert.
  • The coach will emphasize that winning a game or competition is the result of teamwork
  • The coach will fairly evaluate and play all the participants through the course of a practice or game, and subject to specific program rules.
  • The coach will not show favoritism towards a family member and/or a participant, nor will the coach have an alternate agenda when evaluating, playing or instructing a participant.
  • ·The coach will not criticize the officials, the opposing team, the coaches, fans or parents, through language or gesture.
  • The coach will not criticize participants in front of spectators.
  • The coach will accept the decisions of officials.
  • The coach shall not use abusive or profane language before anyone connected with any program activity.
  • The coach will refrain from “showing-up” an opponent during games or competitions.
  • The coach will set an example in personal conduct at all times.
  • The coach will treat each player, opposing coach, parent, administrator and board member with respect and dignity.
  • The coach will encourage open communication with all participants, parents and fans. 
  • The coach will be a good role model.
  • The coach will follow all league, competition, and program rules.
  • The coach will follow the direction of the RYSI Board and not deviate for any reason.
  • The coach will be responsible for the positive promotion of the program.
  • The coach will learn the strengths and weakness of his/her participants so they might be placed into situations where they have a maximum opportunity to achieve success.
  • The coach will protect the health and safety of his/her participants by insisting that all of the activities under his/her control be conducted for their psychological and physiological welfare, rather than interests of adults.
  • The coach shall not be under the influence of alcohol or dangerous drugs.
  • The coach will abstain from possession and drinking of alcoholic beverages or any illegal substance at practice and game fields, and at competitions.
  • The coach will not smoke or use any form of tobacco while on the field of play during games, scrimmages, practices or competitions.
  • The coach will be responsible to read, understand, and obey all RYSI coaches’ requirements including but not limited to the RYSI Coaches Safety and Awareness packet. 

    If there is a compliance infraction of the above Code of Conduct (Coaching Ethics and Conduct), the procedure for remediation will be as follows:
  • A.  The coach will be contacted by the Trustee for Program Management.

  • B.  The Trustee Responsible for Program Management will schedule a time to meet with the coach to discuss the infraction. The meeting will take place as soon as possible after the infraction is incurred.

  • C.   The Trustee Responsible for Program Management will evaluate and offeran opinion to the RYSI Boards Committee for a vote – this could result in penalties, expulsion, or suspension from the program for the coach depending upon the infraction.

  • D.   Upon a vote from the RYSI Executive Board, the coach will be notified of the Board’s position and the appropriate action will be followed.


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