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Competition Cheer Guidelines & Stunting Information




When does cheerleading start?

•      Summer practices Monday August 12th – Thursday August 29th

•      Practices are Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs from 6:00-8:00pm

•      There are no evening practices on camp days (camp dates listed below-please note Varsity has one Friday camp date)

•      Varsity Team practices 5:45-8:15pm in August

•      Practices in August will be on Bernards T

How many teams will there be?

•      We plan to hold tryouts for two competitive teams. We will be offering a Senior Rec (ages 14 and under). Our 2nd team will either be a Junior Rec (ages 12 and under) or Youth Rec (ages 10 and under) depending on the ages of the team.

•      Athletes that will be in grades 3-8 for the 2019-2020 school year can register for tryouts and pay the $35 fee.

•      Registration for try outs will be open March 27th-April 17th


Senior Rec-Varsity- (ONLY)

•      The minimum skills desired for Varsity include standing and running back handsprings and the ability to perform a single leg stunt at a full extension level.

•      These stunting skills will be practiced and evaluated at the try out clinics.

•      No tumbling will be taught or spotted at tryouts. Cheerleaders must be able to perform tumbling skills safely and independently.

•      A range of skills will be assessed at Varsity tryouts including jumps, cheer, motions, dance, overall performance ability and showmanship as well as tumbling and stunting.

•      All skills presented will be evaluated according to the tryout score sheet.

•      Everyone is encouraged to attend tryouts regardless of their tumbling and stunting skills.


How important is tumbling?

•      Tumbling is not the most important thing but it is important.

•      Girls who tumble and attend tumbling classes generally have better core strength and flexibility than those who don’t tumble and that carries over to other cheerleading skills.

•      RYSI does not teach or spot tumbling.  All skills must be performed independently.

•      Competition team members will be asked to join our team tumbling classes at the Evolution Gym in Bridgewater – this is required for Varsity on Thursdays beginning in September.

When are Fall Practices (After Labor Day)?

•      Competition teams practice one weekday evening in the Ridge HS gym and every Sunday evening at Evolution Gym in Bridgewater. 

•      Teams will practice one hour prior to game time on Saturdays.

•      There will be some additional Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday morning practices before a competition.

•      Each team’s weekday practice nights and times will be announced in early June pending gym availability.

Are practices Mandatory?

•      YES, attendance is mandatory!

•      If you are on a competition team then every single practice and game is mandatory.

•      The only excused absences are religious holiday observance and real illness or injury.  Cheerleaders who are ill or injured may need a note from a doctor.

•      Cheerleading is a collaborative team sport and if one girl is missing then her stunt group cannot practice and the entire team suffers from her absence.

•      This is non-negotiable and applies to all competition cheerleaders.

•      Failure to abide by this policy may result in being excused from the team.


Do we cheer for football games?

•      Yes – football games begin the first Saturday after Labor Day.

•      Both competition teams will have home and away games, this is required to be eligible to compete as a Rec program.

•      Playoffs and championship games continue through November 17th and cheerleaders are expected to participate.

•      Saturday game times vary depending on the grade and will be announced in August.


When are tryouts?

•      Cost: $35 held at Evolution Gym Training Center in Bridgewater (ETC)

•      Try Out Dates:

o     April 24th (Wed) 5:30-8:30

o     May 1st (Wed) 5:30-8:30

o     May 2nd (Thurs) – Individual Tryouts, 15 min slots times TBD.

o     Teams will be announced by May 11th.


Varsity team members will be asked to attend a clinic at RHS on May 19th from 1-4 pm. This clinic may be used to determine final alternate selection and nationals team members.


Optional “get ready for tryouts” clinics:

•  April 4th and 25th 4-5:45pm ETC. Current grades 5-7 only. Please call ETC directly to register and pay.  908-450-0384

•  Free clinic at Ridge HS, April 27th-see website to register. Current grades 3-4, 1-2pm current grades 5-7, 2:30-4pm.


What happens at Tryouts?

•      Candidates will learn and practice jumps, motions, stunting, dance and cheer.

•      They will learn a short dance and cheer for their individual tryout.

•      Candidates will be evaluated and scored for stunting skills.

•      At the individual tryout, candidates will be in groups of 3 or 4.  Each candidate will show two jumps individually and perform their dance and cheer as a group.

•      Tumbling skills will be evaluated during clinics by a tumbling instructor. Only skills that can be performed independently will be scored. Tumbling will be on a NON SPRING cheerleading performance mat.  Skills evaluated will be any skill from a forward roll, cartwheel and round off to a back handspring, tuck, lay out or higher.

•      Individual tryouts will be scored by 3 independent judges hired by Evolution Gym with the team’s Head Coach and/or a Cheer Board Member observing.

•      Teams are chosen based on scores and team need.  All scores are confidential.

•      All decisions are final.


How many are on a competition team?

•      There is no set number per team.

•      Team size will be based on skill level and the stunting positions needed.

•      Teams are comprised of stunt groups (backspot, flyer, 2 bases)


When will the competition teams be announced?

•      Team selections will be posted on our website by pinnie number by May 11th.

•      Any girl who tries out and is not offered a spot will be offered a spot on a RYS spirit team for her grade.

•      All cheerleaders offered spots on competition teams will need to accept their spot and make their first payment by June 1st



What position should my daughter try out for?

•      At the tryout clinics candidates may be asked to try 2 positions in a stunt group.

•      There are limited numbers of positions for flyers on each team.

•      All candidates should be open to trying new positions.


What should I wear to tryouts?

•      Athletic shorts, t-shirt or tank top, socks and cheer shoes (or athletic shoes)

•      Absolutely NO JEWELRY is allowed.

•      Nails must be short and hair must be pulled back.

•      Coaches cannot be responsible for holding earrings or other jewelry.


When are the Cheer Competitions?

•      Competitions are on weekends in October and November for the Fall Season.

•      Varsity season extends through early February (see below)

•      You must be available every Saturday/Sunday in October/November including Teacher’s Convention weekend for athletes on our Senior Rec nationals team.

•      Schedule will be available in early September.

•      The number of competitions attended will vary by team.  Varsity will attend at least 6-8 competitions our younger team will attend 3-4.


What about Uniforms?

UNIFORM DAY IS JUNE 1st – Cedar Hill School  

•      New and resale uniforms will be available

•      A rep from our uniform company will be there to measure and take orders for new uniforms and cheer shoes

•      We offer a resale program to sell gently used uniforms at a reduced cost.

•      RYSI operates an online store for additional team items including jackets, practice clothes, bags, parents’ clothing etc


ALL uniform and apparel costs listed are APPROXIMATE and will be updated on our website by May 1st.


•      Cost for a new uniform (skirt and top):

•      JV- $119 Top only- $89 Skirt only $79

•      V- $189 Bodyliner (top) only- $141, SKIRT ONLY $81

•      The cost for Re-Sale uniforms:

$40.00 for all individual pieces except the varsity top will be $60.00.

•      Cheer shoes - JV $55 Varsity Tradition (same as last year)

•      Varsity will be doing new shoes for 2019, estimated cost is $80.

•      If you have old cheer shoes you can wear them for the games. New shoes are required for competitions.

•      Boy cut briefs –  $13.95 all teams or any black spandex

•      Midriffs – All teams (but Varsity) require midriff $21.95

•      Detailed uniform information will be sent to all cheerleaders in May.


What are the costs for the (Youth or Junior Rec) Competition Team?

•      Registration fee will be approximately 3 payments of $325 each. Final costs will be determined based on team size.

•      This includes RYSI program fees for insurance, fields, lights, facility use, gym rentals, competition entrance fees, professional clean up sessions, competition bow, poms (first year only). Fees also cover choreography camp, professional music and instruction and practice apparel to be sized at uniform day.

•      Additional costs include suggested team tumbling class at Evolution, uniforms, shoes and practice clothes.


What are the costs for the Senior Rec (Varsity ) Competition Team?

•      Registration fee will be approximately 3 payments of $500 each. Final costs will be determined based on team size.

•      Fees includes RYSI program fees for insurance, fields, lights, facility use, gym rentals, competition entrance fees, professional clean up sessions, competition bow, poms (first year only). Fees also cover choreography camp, professional music and instruction, PLUS 2 full days of UCA Stunt Performance Camp.

•      Additional costs for Varsity include (see Varsity Info below for details):

o     Mandatory team tumbling/stunting class once per week at Evolution Gym.  Class runs from Sept – Feb and is payable directly to Evolution.

o     Travel to Nationals in February (fundraising required)

o     Uniforms, shoes and practice clothes





Are there alternate positions available on Varsity?

•      There is a possibility that a limited number of alternate spots could be offered.  This will be based on the needs of the team and the skill level demonstrated at tryouts.

•      Additional clinic on May 19th may be used for final nationals team selection.


What are the additional mandatory commitments for the Varsity team?

•      Team tumbling class on Thursdays September – February

•      ALL Team members need to tumble over the summer in a class that fits their schedule.

•      Winning teams tumble together as the UCA Score Sheet requires synchronized tumbling.

•      Occasionally this class may be used as an additional practice.

•     Varsity practice schedule will continue over winter break.


Will Varsity attend Nationals in Orlando in February?

•      RYSI would like to continue the tradition of our Varsity team competing at UCA Nationals.

•      Nationals will take place February 7-9th 2020. The team would travel on Thursday and return on Monday, this trip requires a 4 night stay.

•      Any athlete accepting a spot on the team will need to be prepared to travel to nationals, make the financial and time commitment required for this team.

•      Team parents will need to manage the fundraising required to undertake this effort

•      The cost to attend Nationals is approximately $1200 per cheerleader plus meals.  This fee includes airfare and the hotel package through UCA. All Team members are required to travel on the same flight and stay with the team.

•      Airline deposit due Sunday 9/22 $50. Ticket cost TBD per person.

•      UCA hotel/event package deposit fee due Sunday 9/22 - $100 per person traveling with our group. This includes the cheerleader plus any family traveling with her.  Each cheerleader must be accompanied by a parent or be chaperoned by another parent on the team (NOT a coach).

•      Balances on airline tickets and travel package will be due in early January.

•      All team members will be expected to participate in fundraising to reduce the cost per girl, cover coaches’ fees, offset gym rental fees and additional extended season team expenses.


What is the Varsity Extended Season?

•      Varsity will continue to practice and compete from December through February (after the “Fall Season” concludes for other teams).

•      Please note that weekday practices for Varsity may move from RHS to Evolution in December if there is no gym space available at Ridge.

•      The team will compete locally minimally through January including the Garden State Championship in early January.

•      If the decision is to attend Nationals in Feb the team would then need to secure a bid (invitation) to Nationals at a Regional competition in Nov/Dec either in NJ or PA or both.

•      Team members will need to be available on teachers convention weekend to attend regionals.




UCA Stunt Performance Camp Varsity only:

8/15 Thursday 9-4pm and 8/16 Friday 9-4pm

Choreography Camp for all Comp Teams:

8/26, 27, 28, 29. Two days will be in the afternoon from 1-5pm. Two days will be 9-3:30pm. Exact times for days will be confirmed in June.


Refund Policy:

RYSI base program registration fee only - $225.00 (grades 3-8 Spirit or Comp)

Prior to Monday August 19, 2019 – 100% less $25.00 Between August 21 – August 26, 2018 – 50% less $25.00 August 26, 2019 and after – 0% refund

Uniform Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

All Competition fees over the base registration fee of $225.00, are NON-REFUNDABLE at any time.




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