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RYSI Concussion Policy

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a direct blow to the head or body. In order to ensure the safety of our athletes, it is imperative that athletes, parents and coaches are educated about the nature and treatment of sports related concussions and other head injuries.  Allowing an athlete to return to play before recovering from a concussion increases the chance of a more serious brain injury.

RYSI policy states that all coaches must participate in a training program on the prevention and treatment of head injuries every two years.  Click on for more information. Prevention of a sports-related concussion and head injuries is an important part of the RYSI program.  All athletes ages 5 and up will now also be required to have a baseline King-Devick test. This test will be administered by a trained coach or authorized parent volunteer at the beginning of every season. An authorized parent volunteer must have a Rutgers Safety Program certification and a cleared background check.

If an injury is suspected coaches are required to pull players from play and either a trained coach or authorized parent volunteer will administer the King-Devick test. They will also run through a standard checklist of concussion signs/symptoms. If a player shows delay/errors off of their King-Devick baseline or indicates signs/symptoms of concussion, the athlete will be removed from play as a precaution. Any athlete that is not able to pass the post injury King-Devick test will not be able to return to play unless they are fully cleared in writing by their physician.

Emergency medical assistance shall be contacted when symptoms get worse or when, loss of consciousness, direct neck pain associated with the injury, or any other sign determined to need emergency medical attention is present. The coach shall contact the parent and inform them of the suspected sports related concussion or other head injury. An RYSI injury report shall also be completed and reviewed by the Safety Director.

RYSI encourages all athletes ages 10 and over to take a baseline ImPACT test before the start of the season.  The ImPACT Baseline Test is a tool to help the athlete return to play following a concussion diagnosis. ImPACT baseline tests must be completed every 2 years.  Link to testing:

The physician or licensed health care provider must provide to RYSI a written medical release/clearance for the athlete indicating when the athlete is able to return to the activity. The medical release/clearance must state that the athlete can return to full contact sports with no restrictions. The medical release clearance must be reviewed by the Head Coach.  RYSI athletes will play in the next game or competition as determined by the Head Coach and program director for each sport.

This policy shall be reviewed annually and approved by the RYSI executive board to ensure that it reflects the most current information available on the prevention, risk and treatment of sports-related concussions and other head injuries.

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